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Want a baby?

We have received a lot of queries from couples who wanted to have a baby since many years but were unsuccessful in fulfilling their desire. Suseelaaji has helped many such couples turn their dreams into reality. Her predictions and suggestions have received a 100% success rate in couples who want a baby. Many couples have also referred their friends to her so that they too, can welcome a little one into their family. If you are also troubled because you want to have a baby but are unable to do so, we have the perfect solution for you. Suseelaa ji has been guiding so many couples to follow simple and easy steps in daily life which brought miracles in many young couple’s life. She tell very simple and easy to follow guidelines to have this bundle of joy in life! That’s a great hope for you and your baby want stops here . Just take an appointment, follow the simple steps given by our numerologist and get ready to welcome a new member in your sweet home!

We also provide a number of other services which will benefit you and your family members:

Providing lucky dates, days and colours

Are you Number 1 person?

People born on dates 1, 10, 19, 28 are 1 numberpeople. It is also called as their personal number. Number 1 people like to be head of the department/company etc. where ever they work, do business, etc. They normally don’t like to work under someone. They get attracted to people having personal number 2 and 3.

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After consulting her, my long outstanding land dispute has settled and my business has improved tremendously. On my request, she consulted more than 15 of my relatives residing in USA and all of them have benefitted from her guidance. I am very grateful to her.

– Mr.MinooKasnaviaa, USA


My business which was going through huge losses started gaining momentum and various family problems got solved! She advised me on business name numerology and name as per numerology and gave me simple steps to follow. Within a very short period of time, I saw positive results in my personal and professional life.

– Mr.Suneil Panicker, Businessman, Pune, India.


After a long unfruitful search for a matrimonial alliance for my brother, his marriage got fixed quickly after consulting Suseelaa Madam! Her support has been very help for us. Her numerology predictions are very accurate and effective. Thank you!

– Ms.Usha, Pune, India.


My business has shown a lot of growth and also my health problems have reduced to a great extent after consulting Suseelaaji. She has a great insight in the world of numerology and I recommend everyone to consult her for a better life.

– Mr.Deepak Agarwal, Businessman, Pune, India.


I have experienced a steady growth in my career and also my personal life has improved extensivelyafter following Madam\'s advice! I feel blessed to have received her guidance and support.

– Ms.Arathi Shivajei Gaikwad, Pune, India.


After visiting Madam and following all the advice given by her I have had an instant and tremendous growth in my career! My professional life had been undergoing a lot of stress and I was advised by a friend to visit Suseelaaji. She has such great knowledge in Indian numerology. I was delighted to hear from her and will always thank her for helping me in my life.

– Mr.Nitin B.Sehgal, Software Professional, Pune, India.


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