Numerologist Sheethal R

Numerologist Sheethal R – Trained Under Suseela Ji

Ms. Sheethal R is currently doing numerology after Suseela ji passed away. Her extensive 11 years of experience in numerology has given her a strong command over the subject.

About her hold in Vastu Shastra


She is BE civil Engineer with a vast experience of more than 17 years and practicing Vastu under the guidance of her uncle & Vastu guru Mr. R Viswanathan from Kerala. R. Viswanathan is a famous Kerala traditional astrologer. He hails from a famous astrological family. Professionally he is a B Tech Civil Engineer & FIE. Retired regional superintendent engineer from KSHB, Kerala Govt. He is a vasthu Shastra Siromani & M.A. Astrology.

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She is amazingly accurate in Angel Card Reading (Do you have any major question related to your profession or life or relationship then do try this Angel Card Reading Session)


She practices angel card reading on almost daily basis. Her love for this subject and vast knowledge and her daily meditation practice has made her most accurate in the angel card readings that she does. If you are stuck with any life’s major decision then you should consider doing Angel Card Reading.

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Other Occult science which she is practicing


She is also a healer, and crystal / gem stone expert

Numerologist Suseelaa

Numerologist Suseelaaji – Read more about the Profile of Famous numerologist in Pune with more than 36 years of enriching experience in Numerology

Ms. Suseelaa is perhaps the most well-known and famous numerologist from Pune, India. Her extensive experience in numerology has given her an impeccable command over the subject and her predictions and suggestions have enhanced the lives of many individuals and businesses across the globe. In the long span of her numerology career, she has acquired clients from all over the world and helped them resolve their problems and live a great life. It is the progress and prosperity of her clients’ lives that drives her passion for numerology. She thoroughly enjoys Indian Numerology and has a 100% success rate in her consultations. She has also been the integral factor in blessing many couples who want to have a baby. Their desires have been fulfilled by the grace of God and accurate changes suggested by Suseelaaji. It is this happiness of her clients that motivates her work and makes her such an excellent numerologist.

A few of the services that she offers as a numerologist include

  • Lucky baby names
  • Lucky names / Name Numerology
  • Lucky business names
  • Marriage match making
  • Numerology for people not having baby after years of marriage

  • Suggestions for Business Partnerships or Startups for maximizing success
  • Predictions as per Numerology Destiny numbers
  • Problem Solving Solutions
  • Right Decision for any problems whether personal or professional
  • Most importantly, lucky stones for immediate success in one’s life

The real foundation of what makes her truly successful as a numerologist is the fact that she is able to provide individuals with perfectly balanced names. These balanced names bring out the best in people which allows them to prosper. Name numerology can also be used to help remove the negative elements from your life. Countless clients who have approached her have been fully satisfied with the results she has been able to provide them through numerology. Countless clients have also benefited from her simple and easy to follow numerology guidelines. Furthermore, her clients have also gone a set further to help other people benefit by referring them to her through word of mouth. Her numerology services have been reported to turn a number of her clients luck around.

Are you Number 1 person?

People born on dates 1, 10, 19, 28 are 1 numberpeople. It is also called as their personal number. Number 1 people like to be head of the department/company etc. where ever they work, do business, etc. They normally don’t like to work under someone. They get attracted to people having personal number 2 and 3.

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