Numerology in India is not very popular as astrology. Astrology is something which has been followed by the Hindus since ages. As astrology is a science related to the planetary positions, so also is numerology. It is a fact that there are only nine planets in our solar system, similarly there are only nine numbers by which all our calculations on this earth are made. Beyond these numbers all the rest are repetitions , as 10 is a 1 with a 0 added, an 11 is 1 plus 1, a 2 and so on.

The secret underlying the whole of this idea is that of the mysterious law of vibration. The day of birth giving a key number that is related to the planet bearing the same number, this representing a vibration that lasts all through your life, and which may, or may not, be in accord with the Name Number and with the vibrations of individuals with whom we are brought into contact.

Numerology is not something wherein you change the spelling of your name and you become famous or something. But , sometimes your birth number and name number are not in vibration with each other. This may pose obstacles in your career or personal life. By balancing the spelling of your name according to your birth number and by following certain rules,these obstacles can be removed.

Many people who have followed the rules of numerology have benefited and are happy with it.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is defined as a natural science that can be used to determine a person’s personality including their strengths, weakness, inner needs, ways of dealing with others, and their emotional reactions. It is the study of the symbolic meaning of numbers and their connections with human beings and situations. Some people use numerology as a way to examine their life while others use it to find ways to improve their life. No matter what difficulty you face in life, numerology will help you in minimalizing its adverse effects and avoid tough situations in the future. Alternatively, if you wish to know your destiny, numerology will help you find the right path for success and happiness.

Have you ever wanted to know more about business opportunities or financial gain opportunities that are within your reach? Perhaps you want to know who you are meant to marry and spend your life with or maybe you are just interested in some assistance in deciding what the name of your business venture should be? If you are facing any of these difficulties or curiosities, seeing a numerologist may just be the medicine that the doctor ordered. Ms. Sheethal R is more than capable of handling all of your numerology needs.

Are you Number 2 person?

People born on 2 seriesdates like 2, 11, etc. are 2 number people. It is also called as their personal number. They like to be head of the department /company etc. like number 1 people but since number 2 is a female number & number 1 is a male number in characteristics, number 2 people are generally mentally weak. They can easily mood out if bad environment or surroundings capture them.

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