Tarot, Angel Card Reading online & In-person

Tarot, Angel card reading is one of the beautiful ways your angels or higher self connect to you, to convey messages for your current situation, healing your blockages or direct you to take the right decisions and steps towards where you are meant to be. Get answers to unblock & start a new journey. Achieve 100% Success with our sessions. Consult us now. +91 8237884303.

Snumero was established in the year 1977 by Late Mrs. Suseela ji. Ms. Sheethal R is continuing her legacy who is Ace Numerologist, Tarot Angel Card Reader, Affirmations, Crystal Healer, Vastu Expert & PLR Therapist.

Tarot, Angel Card Reading Online & In-person

Are you at a crossroads in choosing your relationship, your career or thinking of making a transition in your career?

Deep down, you know you need to take some action, but you still need clarity on how to move ahead or what steps need to be taken.

In the 90 min in-depth Angel card reading session, you will gain clarity and insights for your move ahead. You will understand what blockages you are carrying or posing as a hindrance for your action steps ahead. And understand how to heal them by yourself.

Angel Card Reading Pune India

How Does Angel Card Reading Work?

Angel card reading is carried out with the help of various decks as tools to seek divination from the higher energies. They are the tool to open your soul and mind to the guidance and power of angelic beings. The main idea is that as the cards are shuffled randomly, only the relevant cards are removed from the deck, guided by intuition. The drawn cards give insight into yourself through divine channelling.

One of the fascinating things about angel card reading is that you cannot choose incorrectly. Yes, any card you flip offers a real insight of some form.

They can be a prominent tool for those seeking advice in their life. Such as insight into careers, relationships, and finances while providing the recipient confidence and peace of mind in their decisions.

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Essential Benefits
of Angel Card Reading

At the end of the 90 min in-depth angel card reading session, you gain clarity to make the right decision and act towards your goals. You are at peace as a sense of calmness surrounds you.

Finding a reliable solution for the inquiries at the forefront of your thoughts could rearrange changes in your home, relationship or vocation and settle on better decisions. By taking advantage of an absolute, incredible angelic nearness, these readings offer you significant knowledge into different vital parts of your life. They can likewise support your trust in your own choices.

Angel card readings can enable you to discover clearness, quietness, and tools to expand your chances of progress and enhance the nature of existing associations with loved ones. You shouldn’t expect a primary, brisk “yes” or “no” solution to your inquiries. Be that as it may, angel cards can manage you toward better choices by offering straightforward counsel. The queries you ask ought to be particular and open-finished in the meantime. It means to be clear about your questions; however, be available for the appropriate response (do whatever it takes not to have a biased desire for the proper response). You should also be centred around your own needs, abilities, and activities.

By providing you with healing strength and insight, angel card reading can assist you in becoming more centred in yourself.

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Manolini ParbatManolini Parbat
15:07 14 Sep 22
In the last 1year I have taken 2 card reading sessions, both online. There is a lot of information that comes to you during these sessions, Sheetal helps u understand what that means. But how that applies to your situation is what you have to be aware about every single day. You will start seeing small signs, incidents that remind you what came up during the card reading. It's helped me make better choices related to my job, personal situations, health. Boosted my confidence. Its been magical for me because along with Sheetal guidance I also took the required effort every single day. Immense gratitude to Sheetal and the Universe for the guidance given to me to make my dream life a reality!
Kohl to soulKohl to soul
16:57 18 Aug 22
I had an amazing experience with Snumero/Sheetal. The reading was spot on …she listened to me patiently. I have been struggling with a few things in my professional front and she helped me see a clear path and move in that direction. It was a 90 mins session and she didn’t impose her opinions rather gave me practical options so that I chose what’s best for me. I would highly recommend her. Felt really positive after the session. And I got accurate answers to my questions. She worked as a facilitator in this 90 mins session and helped me ease out and focus on things that really matter.
Shekhar MenonShekhar Menon
16:11 05 Aug 22
Sheetal is an excellent angel card reader. She was able to guide me accurately to identify my passion and what I should be doing in the future.
Chinmay PathakChinmay Pathak
07:58 28 Jul 22
Ms. Sheetal explained to me my current situation with the help of cards, she provided me guidance in order to peruse a career line that is beneficial for me. She also allowed me enough space to express myself and then made me aware of some thought patterns I was stuck to. The whole session was very empowering, it helped me clear barriers. The most important factor in the session was her calm and soothing voice and the way she was listening to my questions and provided me with accurate answers. I highly recommend her services.
Ritika PRitika P
10:46 10 Jul 22
I met Sheetal at a time I was in a very poor state of mind. I was looking for guidance and answers. I booked an appointment with Sheethal for Angel Card reading for the very first time. I was desperate but also very anxious on authenticity of such mediums.But I thought it could not hurt. When I met her I found her so warm, gentle and polite. She understood my anxiety and issues. She talked me through the process, kept asking questions and urged to keep asking questions too.My first reading took way more time than it should have. She was not bound to give me this much of time but she still did and patiently heard me and provided with key insights through her reading. I felt so much of healing after our first session and through her guidance and advice I was able to rid my self of some unwanted qualities and thought patterns in my life.Since my first interaction with her (2 years ago) I have taken other readings from her and also her guidance on healing, meditation and affirmations. She turned out to be such a humble healer and most importantly one of the most authentic person you will find in this field.
17:03 05 Nov 20
I'm the second person from my family who took Numerology Guidance from Sheetal ma'am. The very first person is my younger brother. He was at 9th standard when we did numerology for him. And the result comes out to be very very very mind blowing. My brother got 99 % in 10 th boards exam. *He is brilliant student* no doubt but i would say due to some lack of luck factor and concentration he was facing some problems in his academics. When Sheetal ma'am guide him, His confidence boosted up and he tried his best and studied very hard. And as i said the results come out to be the best. I'm sharing this real life experience with you all. Seeing this huge success of my brother I also decided to go through this and I took guidance from Sheetal ma'am in last month only. And within a month I realise the positiveness in my attitude and the joyful approach towards my work. I suggest you all to follow her guidelines and see the differences in your life. THANK YOU SO MUCH SHEETAL MA'AM ?
Rahul BhagatRahul Bhagat
14:08 05 Nov 20
It was a great experience and consultation. Quick and timely response and resolved all the questions and responded to all the subsequent followups.Thanks !
vikrant dixitvikrant dixit
06:21 25 Sep 19
Truly professional, understanding, committed to your success and yet friendly service. Sheethal is true gem. She has in-depth knowledge of Numerology and has capability to change people's life. Thanks Sheethal.
Namann SahhaniNamann Sahhani
23:07 29 Jan 19
I know Sheetal Di for almost last 3 years and done numerous readings with her & they were very helpful. Her readings were fast, accurate and soul-touching. Excellent predication and very nice counselings. She really understands the situation quite well and provides right directions to handle it. She explain the things with very deep info & with logic.I found her very optimistic solution provider & felt very peaceful after talking to her.She has provided me great guidance and simple remedies to tackle the difficulties I am facing & I have started working on those. She is very knowledgeable and has all the required expertise .A big THANK YOU for all her Support/Help ...Looking forward to meet her again for further guidance...