Healing Through Relationships In-Depth Card Reading

Every relationship is a platform for new learning. 

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Snumero was established in the year 1977 by Late Mrs. Suseela ji. Ms. Sheethal R is continuing her legacy who is Ace Numerologist, Tarot Angel Card Reader, Affirmations, Crystal Healer, Vastu Expert & PLR Therapist.

Healing Through Relationships
In-Depth Card Reading

Relationships begin early on in life, as soon as we are born, with our parents, relatives, siblings, school friends, college friends, colleagues, life partner, children….

And every relationship is different. Some relationships seem to be difficult or painful whereas some are easy to glide through. Both are needed for our growth and to balance our life. Both are teaching you lessons at different levels. The difficult relationships are the ones that are here to teach you the tough lessons. The moment you understand or learn the lesson you are free from the pain. Your perspective towards that relationship changes. Your healing is done through that relationship. This healing has a ripple effect on your other areas as well. Healing happens on multiple levels.

Healing Through Relationships In-Depth Card Reading

The relationship seems painful because you are resisting the lessons. You can release yourself from the resistance once your awareness increases.

The lessons can be from previous lifetimes. The lesson to be learnt maybe that of clearly communicating how you feel to the other person at a compassionate level, forgiving yourself and the others involved, letting go, detaching yourself from the illusion etc.

Once you understand what is holding yourself from learning the lesson (your blockages) and heal them, you are released from the pain.

The most important thing to learn in any relationship, is not to hold the other person responsible for your pain but try to understand what the energies are trying to communicate. The other person is only a mirror for you to see your wounds. You are responsible for how you feel. Nobody else is.

Are you experiencing any conflict or pain in any relationship? Do you want to free yourself from that? If you need any guidance connect with me for a 90 min session.

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