About Snumero :

Snumero Divinne Services is a place for healing your career and relationship or any other obstacles with the help of tools like Numerology, Vastu and Tarot, Angel Card Reading Sessions. Get past your obstacles to reach your highest potential.

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Snumero was established in the year 1977 by Late Mrs. Suseela ji. Ms. Sheethal R is continuing her legacy: Ace Numerologist, Tarot Angel Card Reader, Affirmations, Crystal Healer, Vastu Expert & PLR Therapist.


How does Snumero Numerology and Tarot-Angel Card Reading help?

Numerology is a basic blueprint to know yourself. What your strengths and weaknesses are? Based on your date of birth and zodiac your personality is known. You get to know yourself deeply. Your date of birth is a constant in your life and you carry the energy of your date of birth throughout your life.

Second most important thing is your name. As you carry the energy of your date of birth, so also you carry the energy of your name. You cannot change the energy of your date of birth. But in name numerology, you can change the energy of your name, by some simple rectifications and other guidelines.

Snumero Numerology Services
Snumero Numerology, Snumero Angel Card Reading

This tool helps you understand how energy works

Angel card reading is an in-depth session that helps to understand your deep-seated fears, traumas, blockages from past and present life, to unlock your true potential and reach your desired goals. Once you understand what your blocks are, it is very easy to heal them. These blocks are what keep us stuck and move through life in repeated patterns. This is difficult for the mind to comprehend. But at the soul level it gets easily absorbed and helps us heal faster.

Most of our blockages that we carry become very prominent in areas of career and relationships. They come in the form of repeated patterns, till the time we come into the knowing of it. Once you become aware, during the angel card reading session it becomes easy to access the blockages.
Once you heal these blockages, you start seeing change in yourself as well your outer circumstances.

As Within so Without.

Numerologist Sheethal R
Sheethal R holds the space for you to heal your blockages by yourself with the help of Name Numerology and Angel Card Reading. Her expertise lies in helping clients get through these blockages in the areas of career and relationships. She is also a Past Life Regression Therapist and has studied about Crystals and Vaastu Shastra. She includes this knowledge during her one-on-one sessions with clients, to give deeper insights to the clients in their healing.
She has guided clients to transform their careers and heal relationships at various levels. Through the sessions, clients have received clarity and direction towards their career growth, in choosing their true career path and also transitioning into a completely new authentic career. They could heal the blockages that were a hindrance to their growth.