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Snumero is a perfect divine science destination in Pune, India. Are you looking for business advancement, career opportunities abroad, perfect match for marriage, excellent compatibility between family members and good job opportunities, then you have reached the right place. With our Numerology, Vastu and Angel Card Readings consultations you can achieve all this and more.



Numerology is the science of numbers wherein deep knowledge is gained about the positive and negative aspects of each number and their effects on your life. Depending on your date ….



Vastushastra is an ancient Indian science which uses the advantage of the five elements of the panchbhootas in enhancing the lives of the individuals in terms of health,….

Angel Card Reading

Angel Card Reading

These are not the traditional tarot cards. They are powerful tools to seek guidance for relationships, career or any other major life changing decisions. These are angelically guided ….


Take right decision at the right time with changes in name & signature for a bright future.


Align life energies with Vastu science, everything you need to know about Vastu & more from our Vastu experts.


Just ask - “What do my angels want me to know?” They will give you a beautiful message you need to know right AWAY.


Congratulations and now it's time to name your child as per numerology and make sure that baby is lucky from day 1.


Get started full throttle with a well-balanced name for your business and see it prosper.


Find out the right lucky stone from us and buy it with confidence & know the perfect procedure to wear it on a lucky day.

Free Numerology Name Number Calculator

Find out if your name number is balanced with your date of birth number immediately for free.

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“We are influenced by numbers right from the time we are born, our date of birth, our time of birth all play an important role in our life. Similarly in day to day life we come in touch with numbers in various aspects of our life. And these numbers can help develop our life in different ways.

Numerology is a self help tool that can guide you to become your best potential self. With the help of numerology, I can help you realise your dreams, choose the right job, find a life partner or work on personality development.

With numerology, I can balance your name or raise the vibration of the name as per your date of birth. If you are looking for guidelines for everyday purpose like lucky dates, days, colours, stone and signature, or planning to start a new venture, I can guide you for it.

Don’t wait, find out today about the numbers that influence your life.”

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Excellent predication and very nice counselings. Sheethal really understands the situation quite well and provides right directions to handle it. She ...

Vicky Sahani, Pune


I think those who have questions and difficulties around them and also feel that they are surrounded by negativity this is the place for you..... I we...

aanika GLORIA yadav, Pune


Most definitely one of the best reading I had... She is really good and very kind I must say.... Answers I got were to the point and clear... I am com...

harshna yadav, Pune


Awesome advice and service from snumero. Highly recommended....

Sujal Sabnis, Pune


Had visited Ms. Sheethal for Angel Card reading and trust me it was an eye opening experience for me. Fantastic knowledge and above all the great pers...

Anshuman Sumbli, Pune

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