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Snumero was started by my late mother-in-law, Suseela Sivapalan. She loved working with numbers and talking to people. My mother-in-law was a very loving, highly intuitive, and spiritual person. Numerology was not only one of the subjects that she studied but also one that she enjoyed practising for almost thirty years after she took it up because of her own interest in the subject at an early age. After her passing away in August 2016, I decided to carry on with what she loved doing and pursued numerology by counselling clients who connected to me through Snumero. Always interested in the occult studies and having learnt from my mother-in-law for over 10 years, I felt it was my duty to continue her legacy in this field while still spreading the knowledge that I had gained  so far through these numerology online & in-person counselling sessions. With her blessings and her guidance even after she was no longer in her physical presence, I continued counselling people through numerology online & in-person consultations.

Trained Under Ms. Suseela Ji (Numerologist)

Basically, I am a Civil Engineer by qualification and was in the profession for 20 plus years. And, I have been practising numerology for almost 16 years now as a numerologist online/offline consultant. My clients meet me at my Pune office or else take consultation online via google meet or zoom sessions.
My spiritual quest became stronger in the year 2016 after the loss of my mother-in-law. At that time, I came across many books, teachings, videos of many spiritual teachers which helped me to understand what spirituality means and who we truly are. Certain spiritual experiences also helped me move ahead.

Out of keen interest, I attended a 2-day Past Life regression workshop. There I understood more about past lives and how it affects our present life and other various aspects of karmas, more about astral travel, connecting with spirit guides and passed over loved ones, why some people have a deep impact on us, why we are born into a particular family, what are the lessons we are meant to learn this lifetime, why we have repetitive patterns in our life. I went ahead and did a Past Life Regression Therapist course to understand the deeper aspects of past lives and how to heal past life traumas, fears, or repetitive patterns in this lifetime.

It was a card reading session that I took from a healer that confirmed my path ahead. The session gave me clarity that I will be good at spiritual counselling. Astrology too confirmed my path ahead. Along 

with online numerology consultation as a numerologist, I started practising Tarot, Angle card reading as well, which helped me enhance my intuitive and channelling abilities. Of course, meditation was something I practised consistently, which helped me tune in to my true self and connecting with the source to receive guidance. Having read many books by many motivational and spiritual teachers, I finally felt blessed by Paramhansa Yogananda’s teachings and was initiated into Kriya yoga in the year 2018.

Through tarot, angel card reading, I help clients get clarity on their soul paths and understand the relationship dynamic to heal themselves. I also explored how crystals and affirmations help us in a big way in the process of healing and helping to realign with our true selves. When I am in consultation with my client, I tune into their energies to know what they need to know in the present moment, what their blockages are, and how they should heal themselves. Whether Numerology or Angel card reading, the consultation is always an intuitively channelled guidance. At the end of the session, my client gets the clarity to get past their stuck energy and fear-based thought patterns. They understand how to connect to their intuition and get aligned to their authentic soul path.

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Numerologist Suseelaaji

Passionate about numerology and enjoyed practising it for more than 36 years.

Snumero Suseela

Ms. Suseelaa was a well-known numerologist in Pune, India. Her extensive experience in numerology had given her an impeccable command over the subject and her predictions and suggestions had enhanced the lives of many individuals and businesses across the globe.

Numerologist Online Consultation Expert

In the long span of her numerology career, she had clients from all over the world and helped them resolve their problems and live a great life. It was the progress and prosperity of her clients’ lives that drove her passion for numerology. She had also been an integral factor in blessing many couples who wanted to have a baby.

The real foundation of what made her truly successful as a numerologist is the fact that she was able to provide individuals with perfectly balanced names. These balanced names brought out the best in people which allowed them to prosper. Countless clients who have approached her have been fully satisfied with the results she has been able to provide them through numerology.

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The real foundation of what makes her truly successful as a numerologist online consultation expert is the fact that she is able to provide individuals with perfectly balanced names. These balanced names bring out the best in people which allows them to prosper. Name numerology can also be used to help remove the negative elements from your life. Countless clients who have approached her have been fully satisfied with the results she has been able to provide them through numerology being a numerologist online consultation expert.

Countless clients have also benefited from her simple and easy to follow numerology guidelines. Furthermore, her clients have also gone a set further to help other people benefit by referring them to her through word of mouth. Her numerology services as a numerologist online consultation expert have been reported to turn a number of her clients luck around.

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Are You A Number 1 Person?

Any person born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th falls under this group of number 1. It is stronger when the birth date falls between 21st July and 28th August and from 21st March to 28th April.

Number 1 people are ambitious and always like to lead projects, are creative in their ways, and have good leadership qualities. Therefore, they can become good influencers and gain many co-workers' respect if they channel their positivity with good intentions.