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Name numerology secrets revealed in online consultation with Ms Sheethal R, a numerologist from Pune, India. Know the hidden meanings & aspects behind your birth date & its correlation with your name number. Find out what makes you click, who are your true friends, lovers and how to make money with comfort.

Have you ever wondered about your Numerology? What makes you tick?

Do you work well with other people, or are you more of a lone wolf? Who are your friends, lovers and how do you make money with ease? All this and much more gets revealed when you find out your name numerology. It is possible to know everything about yourself without knowing your moon sign.

 Understanding your name numerology is the key to unlocking your true potential. Through our numerology report, you will discover your gifts from this universe. You will study the abilities required to excel and live up to your God-given nature. Furthermore, our numerology reports will help you identify the people in your life that are beneficial to you.

 What is my name numerology meaning? We will attempt to find out because your name number plays a significant role in determining your personality.

 The name numerology is rising to become one of the best things you can have in your hands when finding out about yourself. It is not like all the other name analysis methodologies because it considers the other facts about your life. It can give you a broad outlook of your entire life and how to handle it.

 The numbers that make up a name have a more significant meaning than you think. When it comes to Numerology, knowing the importance of your name number may reveal a pattern in your life, as well as the habits and tendencies that are particular to you.

Have you ever thought about how your name influences you? 

Does your name have a specific influence on you? Are you a Rohan Gupta or a Rose Williams? The answer is yes; the alphabets which are in our names/given names can offer us specific information. Additionally, it is possible to achieve numerology consultation through the internet. If you wish to learn about the hidden meanings and your given name’s influence, I recommend taking advantage of this communication form.

 Do you want to know the secret meanings behind your name? 

“Numerology” is an ancient occult science of understanding numbers and their vibrations, which originated in India. It is a system that explains how the universe works with the help of numeric vibrations, otherwise known as “numerology”. Numerology is an energy tool that describes your past and what will happen in your future.

 In Numerology, the number represents you. The date of birth reveals so much about you. Those who read Numerology believe that human destiny gets foretold through the numbers that we have at our birth.

You may have heard about Numerology and its significance, but have you ever bothered to understand it? Numerology is a fascinating study. It is a subject that attracts a lot of curiosity. The lack of knowledge or the need to have information on the web about Numerology can lead a person into becoming confused and wasting his/her time. You may require the presence of a professional practitioner in some instances. Still, from my experience, Numerology can help you understand the reasons behind problems in your life without much difficulty.

 Numerology is a powerful system used to understand oneself. It reveals your talents, skills, and potential talents. Often seen as a spiritual art form, Numerology has its roots in antiquity. Numerology reduces the complexities of life to single alphabets and numbers and offers a way of understanding oneself, career, relationships, luck etc., in a better way.

 If you are looking for a numerology consultancy, only a professional with profound knowledge and practical experience can give you out-of-the-box solutions. I am a well-trained expert to guide you through this process and pass on ancient sciences’ wisdom to help you achieve peace, happiness, and potential.


 Every individual has their ruling planets, lucky numbers based on their date of birth. Those numbers have specific vibrations and impacts on a person’s life. You cannot change the date of birth of a person but can reduce the unlucky numbers’ vibration by doing Name Correction for Adults and even Baby name correction.

 The accurate calculation of the ruling planets and numbers for a person is based on birth date. The date of birth is a coordinate to locate one’s soul in time and space. The time coordinates are hour, minute and second of birth and the space coordinates are latitude and longitude, which gives the complete location of the soul when it incarnated in this world after leaving the mother’s womb. One’s birth date (or birthday) tells us what kind of soul we have incarnated now into this world. 

 You can quickly check your luck by just entering your full name and birth date in the Name Correction for Numerology Calculator.

 You can use Name correction to change vibrations of not so lucky numbers. All the different types of planet combinations have their vibration.  

Numerology for Marriage and Love Compatability

If you are a male or female whose marriage has been delayed/postponed for some reason, then the Numerology solution is for you. Numerology analysis will impart important information about what may have caused the delay/postponement. The “delayed marriage” problem can be rectified with Numerology’s help so that such a delay never occurs in future.

Finding a lucky name for newborn babies

Numerology is an ancient tool that helps people find lucky names for newborn babies. According to Numerology, meaning in numbers and alphabets can determine a baby’s lucky name. The baby name numerologist will use the date of birth, month, year and choice of names for the baby to balance the name vibration with the birth date vibration.

Choosing a name for your baby using baby name numerology calculations is probably the first thing you do when preparing to welcome newborns into the world. The name will follow them through their childhood years and stay with them for the rest of their lives. For this reason, finding a lucky name shouldn’t be an afterthought but a decision you plan carefully.

You might have wondered what influence the name your baby has. It’s not easy selecting a name for your newborn baby. It’s even more challenging to choose a lucky name to improve these settings and make things better.

How would you like to know if your baby’s name is lucky or not?

Generating new ideas for baby names is quite challenging, especially if you have no idea how it works or some strange rules stuck in your mind. If you want to find the perfect and lucky name for your baby, you are in the right place. The luck statement mentioned above for a given name has always been on parents’ minds, especially that of first-time parents.

5 Tips for Improving Your Life immediately with Numerology Science

Numerology is the understanding of numbers and their impact on a person’s life. This article will provide five (5) tips for improving your life with Numerology.

1) Find out more about your name through name numerology to know what you can expect in life and what makes you tick.

2) Discover your hidden talents by taking our personality test – there are different tests for different purposes, like careers or relationships.

3) Improve how others see you by knowing which colours look best for you.

4) Want to know your destiny? Learn more about your name and Numerology. Name numerology can bring luck and better prospects in life.

5) Discover your name numerology and the hidden meanings behind it. Find out what makes you stand out, who are your best friends, lovers and how to make money with ease.

Numerology is nature’s science, and it can help in many ways, including finding our purpose in life. Numerology checks one’s name in using the numerology calculations of numbers. Numerology also teaches about the significance of numbers and how they are related to each other. Numerology is a science that determines destiny by looking at an individual’s name and its letters and the corresponding numeric value. 

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