Realize your dreams – through Name Numerology


Since time immemorial humans have been intrigued by the universe and its laws. The creator has given us everything in abundance.And the best gift he has given is our free will. We have been endowed with the most beautiful gift – TO DREAM.

And how do we realise them. By working hard to make our dreams come true and in the process we are astound by the hidden abilities we are blessed with.

There are times when our hard work and slogging is not getting us anywhere. Or put it in other words, we seemed to have got stuck. It is during such times, that a word called LUCK seems to be doing the rounds in our mind.

In the clairvoyance world we have astrology, palmistry, tarot card reading, numerology and maybe even more.

Let’s learn a bit about name numerology. It basically unfolds the hidden traits of each number of the month in relation to the sun sign. This unveils the personality of the person, his basic characteristics, his strong and weak points, his likes, his inclination towards a particular field. Compatibility of people can be checked for the purpose of union in business or marriage or in general.

It gives us an insight into our major life changing years. It lets us know our lucky days and dates that are in good vibration with our birth date. Our luck factor increases manifold when our name is also in perfect balance with our birth date.

Some people are lucky enough if their name is balanced. When it is not, then the numerologist comes into picture. Well, of course it’s only when we are going through a bumpy ride in our life that we think of meeting a clairvoyant, in our case a numerologist.

It’s only when we are wanting good things in our life that we move in the required direction. The universal law starts working for us in this good direction. We make use of the wonderful gift ‘our free will’ gifted by God.

Everything in life should be balanced or at least we should strive for it. If it is not, it can be done through God’s other mediums as we have just learned, though it was just a peep into this world of numerology. All of us have been created in Gods image and we are all here to help and love each other.

May God bless each one of us and everything on this beautiful planet.